KES 100 TO 900 LOANS   




Send KES. 5 as acceptance fee to our Mpesa Paybill 519608 and use your national ID. as account number. This will indicate to us that you have read our terms and conditions and have accepted them. As a new client, the loan available to you is KES. 100 but the more your borrow the higher the amount you can be borrow.



If you qualify, you will receive a loan of KES. 100 from our paybill or our associated mobile numbers. If you don't qualify you we will not receive your acceptance fee and a loan will not be issued. We shall send you an sms detailing our reason for not issuing a loan.



Within 5 days one is required to pay back KES. 120 to our paybill 519608. Loan completion will result in; 

  • Increased credit limit

  • Positive listing

  • Cheaper loan due to lack of penalty

Dial *682#
Dial *682#

To access our platform one needs to dial *628# and follow the prompts to register or get loan



Dial *682#
Dial *682#

To access our platform one needs to dial *628# and follow the prompts to register or get loan




To be eligible for the service, you have to meet the following criteria

  • You must be a Safaricom Mpesa subscriber

  • You must be over 18 years old

  • You must have a national ID

  • You must pass our CRB test




According to UNICEF approximately 46% of Kenyan population lives below the poverty line. According to CAK we enjoy a mobile penetration greater than 90%. It is therefore imperative we pose a few questions; 1. How many Kenyans sleep hungry? 2.Is it possible that our productivity is hampered by lack of credit?  3. Is it possible to have a sustainable ubiquitous credit line?


Our answers to these questions lead to the birth of OkoaMia. A mobile platform running on USSD offering credit of KES. 100 (appx. 1$) to 900 and available to all (see eligibility section).


Now because of this platform, a family or three can sleep satisfied, a boda boda rider can carry commuters for more 80Km, a student can have unlimited internet for more than three hours, a mother can buy medicine for her sick child, an employee can commute  (the list goes on and on).


A sustainable ubiquitous credit line for all mobile holders.

Why? Because a credit line promotes peace of mind which is central to quality of life.

How? A credit line smooths out those bumps that come when life happens; fare increases because of unexpected rains, price of bread and milk raise overnight, one’s salary is delayed finding oneself without lunch, etc.

You are? The kind of people who find a way to stand with you when life happens.

We believe:  That if one is faithful with little then they will be faithful with much (read Luke 16:10) therefore every client starts at the minimum level and their credit limit is increased as loans are repaid.

Geography: Currently Kenya but we look forward to serving the whole of Africa.


Our application runs on USSD and wallet payment notification. This is by design so as to be as inclusive as possible. 



  1. The OkoaMia Service allows borrowers, who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the eligibility section of this website, to request for a loan whose amount is between Kshs. 100 to Kshs. 900 (the “Credit Advance") which amount shall be credited to the borrower’s electronic wallet.

  2. For providing the Credit Advance to you, we incur a transaction fee of Kshs. 15. This means that you will pay an additional Kshs. 15 for your loan.

  3. The interest rate for the Service is 10%.

  4. The borrower pays an acceptance fee of amount Kshs. 5 to Kshs. 45 depending on the desired loan amount. This acceptance fee is your signature accepting our terms and conditions and your request for a loan from OkoaMia.

  5. The borrower is to pay the credit advance in full within 5 days from the date of issue. Failure will result in the credit advance being in overdue state.

  6. The penalty for late payment is Kshs. 20 to Kshs. 180 per day, depending on loan amount, every time your loan credit advance is in overdue state to a maximum of your loan principal.

  7. The service will send notifications to the borrower through email and SMS, at a schedule which the service will determine.

  8. The borrower gives us consent to check their credit score or acquire their details in CRB database(s) before or after advancing them a loan.

  9. To qualify for the loan, you need to pass our CRB check and have your national ID and mobile number validated against IPRS, Mpesa Account and CRB.

  10. For a complete listing of loan amounts, interest, transaction and penalty charges kindly refer to our loan/cost table on this website.

  11. We reserve the right to qualify and reject any loan application at our discretion.

Loan and Cost Table



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Mobile: 0707 000 222
Landline: 020 514 2100
Jasmine Center, Westlands,
Nairobi, Kenya

Meet The Team

Joyce Wangui

Co-Founder and MD of OkoaMia. She is a graduate in international business administration (Finance) from USIU. She runs other several successful businesses.

Samson Wachira

Co-Founder and head of strategy. He holds a masters in Integrated Engineering from the University of Liverpool. A technology enthusiast and entrepreneur. 


I sent them to my bae, transport mpaka home,right now we are having fun together at home

I dint not have money for transacting mpesa money for my mum so it was fixed so okoa mia helped me to have the transaction fee by lending me 100

bibi yangu akitaka kwenda hosi ilinisaindia sana